Thursday, December 2, 2010

Preparing for Santa Claus


This is our Christmas from 2 years ago. It all started with a tree. This tree below that Reya made in her school. A simple paper Christmas tree that she colored and decorated with glitter. And that got me thinking....

I helped Reya make paper Christmas stockings to hang... again a simple cutout from construction paper decorated with scrap paper bits and ice cream sticks... and we hung them on the fire place

We always got the kids a gift on Christmas, but with a tree (even a fake one), I couldn't resist wrapping the gifts and putting them under the tree as a surprise on Christmas morning. Not all the gifts were fancy, but I took care to individually wrap them in diff papers to give the arrangement a visual interest. And, lastly I topped it up with a letter from Santa with a list of things for the kids to do before next Christmas (there is no such thing as a free gift.... they all come with strings attached... LOL)...

And that turned out to be a really good surprise for the kids...

Let's see what I can do for this Christmas!

Signing off,