Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to school shopping begins!

It's Shopping time...Summer break is almost over... 3 more weeks of Summer and then school opens again. And like each year, the "Back to School" sales are in full swing...

I am still waiting for the official supplies list from school, but that didn't stop me from going for several shopping trips and collect things for the upcoming school year. Take a look at my shopping and tell me if I missed anything...

LeSportsac backpack.... oh I love this pattern!

Lock n Lock Water bottle 

A ton of crayons for Rithik
I prefer RoseArt brand

And a ton of erasers...
we loose about one every week.

Lock n Lock lunch box for Reya -
It's big enough for her lunch and snacks

A dozen sharpeners
One in every corner of the house

About 100 pencils
of course!!!

Washable markers, pencil colors and paints....
looking forward to the craft time with kids
But there is one thing that is missing from the list this year as Reya moves from private to public school.... UNIFORMS!!! She cannot be happier....

Until next time,
Shilpa @ The Crafts Corner

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Hands Art #2 - Butterfly food art

We have a lot of fun with food in our household... and I am all for it. 

It helps feed the kids easily... Kids are more likely to eat food art than plain old dinner and it also helps them be more creative and imaginative. Instead of seeing objects in front of them, they can envision what can be made out of those objects...

Here is the dinner art made by Reya.  Using a butterfly cookie-cutter, she transformed rice into a butterfly and then decorated using grapes... The rice butterfly was accompanied by Sambhar in a rectangular LocknLocck glass container... I was impressed when she chose that container and gave me the reasoning that the shape goes better with the shape of the plate than a round bowl... someone is developing a sense of presentation and decoration... 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little Hands Art #1 - Art work made with yarn and glue

If your kids are at home this summer and you have run out of ideas to keep them engaged, try this.... 

Give them a piece of paper, a pencil, some colorful yarn and some glue, and have them create a materpiece for you... it will use up the scraps of yarn at home and give them a different medium to work with... Here are some samples to get the creativity flowing...

So go ahead, try it with your kids and do send me pictures....

Until next time,
Shilpa @The Crafts Corner