Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cake Centerpiece / Gift wrapping

I made this mock cake centerpiece as a prototype for a conference... but it's a beautiful gift wrapping idea... and it's very easy to put together.

I reused 2 gift size boxes
 (the bottom one was a babies r us gift box and the upper one was a empty kleenex box) by painting them and then hot gluing the beads on them. The smaller gift box is glues to the bigger one to give more stability.

If you have kids, they can really have fun painting the boxes and then you can do the hot glut part. Or they can decorate with stick on rhinestones themselves. You can use something like the following.
 Rhinestone shapes
Rhinestone Sticker sheet

Hope you like it,
PS: If you try any of the crafts featured here, please send me an email or some pictures if you can. I would love to put them up.


  1. Looks amazing..waiting to see more interesting craft ideas

  2. Thanks EC! Welcome to The Crafts Corner...

  3. Can I get a gift in that... :-)