Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bakery Story - Retro theme birthday cake

We don't have a Birthday party in our house for kids... we have Birthday PARTIES... Depending on my energy level, my kids can get anywhere from 1-3 intimate birthday parties... one with just family, one with their friends and one with our friends families.... and there are lot of cakes made, like this one.

I made this fondant covered retro themed cake for princess R's 7th birthday. I chose to go very simple and plain with the design and just play with some bright colors for decorations.
I made rosettes in several different colors that I tinted myself. I then created marbled fondant by rolling the tinted colors with some white fondant multiple times.
Making rosettes is quite easy and a simple search on Bing will lead you to several tutorials should you need one.
The most time consuming part was creating the different textures on the fondant. I washed a new craft stamp and used it to create this bubbles texture on rolled fondant before covering the bottom tier of the cake. The quilt texture on the top tier was creating using a blunt knife.

I also created my own decorations to go with the theme. I cut several circles and painted peace flowers and hearts before putting them up with a floral birthday banner. Everyone in my family thought, I could have bought something online for decorations. They are right, but I secretly like doing all this work, so I make excuses and do it.

The end result, an awesome birthday party and 2 very happy kids. What more could I want!

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