Friday, August 13, 2010

Castle centerpieces

I made these centerpieces for a conference a few years ago...

In fact I made 24 of them...
It was a lot of hard work, but by the end of it,  I figured out a few short cuts. My fingers were sore on the day of the conference, but till this date, some people remember to compliment me for the centerpieces.... and that just makes me very happy.

Last year, I taught an art class to Princess R and her friends and I decided to make these castles with the kids again... I simplified the design to adapt to the skill of a 5-6 year old and added some more fun elements... the results were beautiful...

Glue plays an extremely important part in this project... and you will soon see how.

Let me take you through the process of making one of these castles so you can do it with your own kids (don't forget to send me pictures!...)

  1. First we make the body of the castle (Lots of glue used here!)
  3. Then we cover the whole structure with spray glue. If you don't have spray, apply thin layer of liquid glue all over the structure. Then cover the structure with sand to give it a texture.
  5. Then paint it with the colour of your choice. We used silver and golden in the class.
  6. While it is drying, prepare your landscape.
  7. Decorate the castle and landscape with decorations of your choice (again, lots of glue used here)
There you have it...

Please leave a comment if you like it... your feedback means a lot to me!

Signing off,


  1. That looks stunning..very creative.. and you made 24.. wow... Lucky people who got to enjoy them!!

  2. Thanks Purnima! Welcome to The crafts corner... Come back again!

  3. Amazing, i wish i could do that and be felt the center of the class in school!