Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Artsy - Craftsy challange!

Well, I did not win the Artsy Craftsy challange last month... but that's allright! It just means, I need to try again! This month the Artsy Craftsy challange theme is "Stick fun"... which means any project where glue plays an important role.

Oh! I love that... I have all kinds of glue waiting to be used! Glue sticks, liquid glue, glitter glue, super glue, gorrilla glue, spray adhesive, you name it and chances are that I have it.

The prize that the winner will get is...

I am working on formatting my entry already... It's a project I did for a conference years ago and then I did the same project with Pricess R and her friends last year when I hosted a crafts class for them. I will post it soon... Once the voting starts, please don't forget to vote for me....

Sigining off,

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