Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fingerprints Art

This is something that Princess R and I did together.

Princess R loves painting and crafts, but generally likes to follow directions and gets easily frustated if she does not know what to make. Or if she does not have a project in mind, she is shy to even start and explore. I try to nudge her imagination from time to time.

For this particular piece,

  • I started by making a flower with finger prints and then asked her to make some. That was fun for her.

  • I then drew some lines out and asked her to make green leaf prints. That was fun too.

  • Then I showed her how we can make buds using a Thumb print and since her thumb is tiny, I made some buds.

  • Then SHE came up with the idea of making bumble bees (see, the imagination starts now). I told her we can make the bees with prints too... Each bee is a big thumbprint and some lines using a sharpie.
I really want Princess R to go wild with her imagination and make something totally random, but even imagination sometimes needs some inspiration. So if your child is not into pretend play or doesn't want to explore his/her imagination, don't give up. Just start a project and keep asking them for ideas... Imagination will come in the picture!

On a side note, my 2 year old Ninja R got really excited watching us and so we gave him a paper with finger paints and he went wild with imagination. He kept drawing random squiggles and telling me "Mamma!, Look me. I made tree. I made cat. I made... "

Like Barney says, "Anything can happen when we use our IMAGINATION"!

Signing off,


  1. loved this painting.let me make one with my princess...will show yu

  2. It's awesome. I will try doing this with my son.