Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where have I been?

I have been missing because I am spending time with my mom who is visiting me for summer... 

Having mom here is great because I get pampered...  Just like I fuss about my kids, she fusses about me, feeding me vitamins, calling me 5 times to come and drink my chai, and taking care of things even before I get around to them... moms are great... my mother in law is very nice too, whenever any of these ladies are here, my workload becomes half and the happiness level of the house doubles...

So while I have been MIA, I have been enjoying my mom's cooking... and trust me when I say that within 2 weeks she has become a big fan of my new favorite vendor, Lock & Lock... everyday she looks into my kitchen for a new Lock & Lock item to try out and then she asks me to take pictures for my blog... I am not kidding!!!

Here are some pictures of her food and her favorite items so far... Recipes may follow in the Wednesday "What's cooking" series :-) She is taking that section over for the time she is here... so get ready for some good food.
  1. First we have Dahi-wadas and Cabbage subzi (entree). Both are served in Lock & Lock Borosilicate Glassware

 2. Next we have her signature finger-licking Tamarind-Jaggery chutney in Lock & Lock Boroseal glass container... I can even eat Brussels sprouts dipped in them.

 3. Then last night was Butter Paneer Masala in her new favorite (and my favorite) Cookplus ceramic cookware. She has already declared her desire of buying a set and if that doesn't come before her departure, she says she will take mine...

4. Last we have the Lock & Lock Borosilicate Glass pot showing the steamed vegetables for rice pilaf. This is an ovenware that doubles up for microwave cooking and has become the default microwave steamer in my kitchen now. Mom has a plastic microwave cookware back home, but when I explained her about BPA and it's effects, she has decided that it is time to awitch to glass.

So there you have it... a brief recap of what's happening in my corner and what to expect on Wednesdays from my mom!

Until next time,
Shilpa from The Crafts Corner.

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