Friday, September 30, 2011

Whats cooking? Kadai chicken

I have decided to be a vegetarian for the 6 months...

I do this from time to time, but before I started the 6 months, I decided to eat my favorite Kadai chicken one last time... This is my no frills quick (very quick thanks to my cookplus ceramic pan) recipe to make Kadai Chicken using leftover Rotisserie chicken.

 1. Start by putting some oil in a pan and heat in on medium flame. Add shredded ginger and thinly sliced onions and let me fry just a bit. You don't want onions to go all soft.

 2. Then add carrots. since carrots are the toughest vegetable used in this recipe, you want to cut it thin. Strips work best. Add it and cook it on high heat for a bit. Keep stirring as this pan gets quite hot.

 3. Add bell peppers. Do not cook them for long as they get mushy very easily.
4. Add turmeric, salt, cayenne pepper and a tiny bit of garam masala. Stir.

 5. Add a little bit of tomato puree. you can also deseed a tomato and dice it to use in place of puree. But I find puree has a consistent taste and you don't have to taste and adjust as much with it.

6. Add pieces of cooked chicken. I use grilled chicken strips or leftover Rotisserie chicken from Costco. If you do not have cooked chicken, pan fry the chicken pieces in a tiny bit oil, salt and a pinch of garam masala before adding it here. For a vegetarian recipe, use Paneer in place of chicken.

7. Cook for a few minutes. Add cashews and raisins (soaked in water) if you like.

There you have it.... Enjoy!

Until next time,
Shilpa at The Crafts Corner

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