Thursday, July 8, 2010

My first Wall...

This was the first wall / room that I decorated for Princess R... so this is very special to me.

She was 2 years old this time and we were
living in a rented condo, so I had several restrictions in terms of painting the walls etc...

And I was also trying to teach her alphabets and numbers... So I decided to mix education with decor and voila...

Priness R was so excited... But as soon as she realized that this means I am trying to teach her something, she held her head in despair... She was probably thinking ... "These first time moms... why are they so obsessed with their childrens' learning.... don't they know we are born smarter than our parents..."

Can you guess how I made the letters and the pictures... Leave a comment here if you like these and take a guess on how I made everything. I will reveal the correct answer in a couple weeks.

Hope you like it,


  1. Nice Idea !!! Nice expression !!! I think they are made of foam and pictures are from magazines ...

  2. That is just lovely! I have no idea how, but they look fantastic! - Taruna

  3. Lovely.. Lovely.. I love the idea..

  4. Thank you all for nice comments... The answer has been posted at http://thecraftscorner.blogspot.com/2010/07/and-answer-to-my-wall-question-is.html