Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plastic bag flowers

I hate to admit, but I have a ton of plastic bags from grocery shopping...

My intentions are noble... I do try to carry tote bags in my car for groceries... but for some or the other reason once they come in the house, they don't go back in the car for weeks... and right when I am in grocery store, I realize my mistake. But it's too late and I come back home with more and more plastic bags.

There are only so many plastic bags that I can use as trash can liners... I still have excess most times, so I decided to re-use the bags more creatively.

I decided to make plastic bag flowers for decorating gifts... what do you think?

I cut the plastic bag in strips and used Boye Bloom Loom to make the flowers. It's very simple. Basically you use the plastic bag strip as yarn (and need to hold on to the flower tight or it will come off the loom)

Here is a small flower...

Here is a large flower...

And Together they make...

I really think that brown wrapping paper and recycled plastic bag flowers give the gift a very earthy and organic feel... a stark contrast from the regular multi-colored wrapping paper actually sets this apart and will help the gift to stand out.

BTW, can you guess the name of the store whose bags I used in the flowers above?

Hope you like these...


  1. Nicee :). But u need to tell us how u made them..

  2. Hi Shruti... I updated the post with details on how I made it.

  3. Lovely... looks earthy indeed!

  4. hmmm, I thought I had commented on this post, maybe I did not! These are lovely!!! Are the bags, target bags?

  5. Shankari, These are target bags indeed... When (and if) I become a rich and famous blogger, I would conduct oprah kind give-aways, but since I am not rich, I can only offer target bags for guessing this right... LOL

    Thank you for playing...

  6. I have another suggestion, I have lots of these target bags, I will give you the bags in exchage for those pretty flowers what say :) ?

  7. Shankari, send me your address... let me see what I can do about it.

  8. That's a creative way to recycle. Love the idea!