Saturday, May 21, 2011

A really cute Spice Kit

It is no secret that I am a fan of Lock n Lock.... I go all giggly and happy when I have a new Lock n Lock product in my hand... and my family thinks this obsession will stay for some time until replaced with something else.

So let me spread the love and introduce you to the Lock n Lock Spice kit.

Being of Indian descent, I have a special affinity for any "masaledani", "masale ka dibba" or spice kit in plain English. When I was little, it was one of my chores to refill the dabba once a spice ran out. 

When I moved to US, I needed a "dibba" with me to keep my kitchen organized. I got one of those 30 jar revolving spice racks which were oh so cute... but I could never love it the same way as a dibba, not to mention it needed counter space whereas the dibba could be tucked  in a drawer. Finally I ended up getting one from India.

But when I found this set, I was so delighted. It's so pretty and colorful and the shape of the removable containers use the space in the round box so efficiently. I can think of so many uses beyond just spices... How about a container for pre-cut herbs, garlic, ginger etc... ready to be used while cooking... or a container for storing loose beads for Princess R, or even a small snack box for using in the car trips.

So many possibilities.... What do you think... why don't you share a good use for this container in the comments section!
Until next time!

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