Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reya's "Around the World" Birthday Party

The least 2 weekends were spent celebrating Princess R's birthday as she turned 7 the first of which was an "Around the World" Party. All her school friends were invited and I asked a couple close friends to join and help with the party.

Here is the birthday invitation I made for the party.
I decked up the house with decorations covering the whole globe. The wall of the family room was decked up with flags of all the countries around the world. This also served as a backdrop for pictures of the kids.

We Asked all the kids to dress up in clothing from any country of their choice and the kids really had fun with it. Kids came dressed in clothing from Spain, Japan, China, India, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and of course USA. Here is the Japanese Ninja.

When the kids arrived, they all got a passport for their journey around the world.

I divided the backyard in 7 sections and decorated each of them as a different continent. Here are South America and Antarctica.

The Kids sat in an imaginary plane with their pilot (my friend) and the tour guide (me). We went to each continent where kids first answere trivia question to earn jelly beans, and then they got to play games. My favorite game was played in Egypt (Africa) where the kids wrapped some volunteers in streamers to make them into mummies. They also did crafts from different continents. Here is a decorated mask for a carnival in South America.

And lastly we reached England where we cut the cake to celebrate the Birthday of our Princess. I spent all night making it to match the theme on the invitation.  The lower layer was a chocolate cake filled with strawberry banana chocolate ganache. The top layer was a pineapple cream cake. For the first time, my cake matched in taste and decoration. Usually it's one or the other.

All the kids (big and small) had a ton of fun and the party was a success. What do you think?

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  1. happy to see ur blog shilpa...wonderful attempt which came out well...

  2. Thanks Nisha,
    and welcome to my blog. Hope you visit again soon.