Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's cooking Wednesday - My first fondant cake

 My very first fondant cake...

I made it in Feb 2009 for my 10th wedding anniversary. I made everything from scratch including the chocolate fondant. The inside cake was black forest and number 10 on top are sugar cookies covered in molding chocolate... 

Since this was my very first time making fondant or even working with fondant and molding chocolate, I made a ton of mistakes.... which is why I never shared this with you before... As you can see the no 10 didn't come out smooth and I used green frosting to attach the roses and cookies when I should have used brown  but it's still not that bad... and it tasted great...

All these Roses took forever to make and my hands hurt in the end... I still don't know why I made so many when just 10 would have suffice...

Tips for Newbies (Look at me.... acting like a professional, as if I know a lot about cakes)

  • If you don't have experience working with fondant, start with store bought fondant and get used to working with it before you make your own fondant. That way you will know what good fondant feels like and can adjust the recipe to get a good results
  • Start with a simple design. No need for 100 roses in your first cake. Infact, start by decorating regular cakes with fondant cutouts before moving to cover cakes with fondant.
  • Dipping in chocolate candy melts is a better option than molding chocolate if you don't have experience working with chocolate. And if you don't have access to candy melts, it's best to use cookies covered with simple sugar frosting.
  • Use the smoothest rolling pin you can find. Glass or marble are the best.
  • Don't beat yourself up if the mistakes show. In the end, it will be eaten. Just make sure it tastes great.
Until next time!


  1. Thanks Shruti, come back soon. I will post more cake pictures in the coming weeks.

  2. how do u manage to do so much of work.........but seriously
    appreciable .